How to: Buy a website

Buy a website


You're able to click on any auction, to view details about this site. Included in there is a full comprehensive list with details about the sites revenue, visitors and general information.


Information is also listed regarding the auctions bids, and options

Screenshots that the seller feels necessary to include in the auction

At the bottom, there's the option to leave a comment/ask the seller a question


Always make sure you research a website - all the facts and figures and verify that all the facts displayed are true and accurate.


Winning an auction

If you have placed a BIN, or are the highest bidder when the auction ends.. congratulations, you've won!

Once you and the buyer have made contact, you can start on payments & transferring the goods. We suggest you use for transactions.

Managing an auction

On the left hand side are the auction options. You may delete bids, change the auction, and change the status of the auction

On the right, you may upload relevant screenshots for your potential buyers to view

At the bottom, you may reply and view to comments that potential buyers have posted


Terms and Conditions - Please read

Please read here for rules, valuable information, and more help on the auctions TOS - click here

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